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After successfully making the slim seat more comfortable with our Ergo seat, we knew we needed to apply the same idea to a fat version of the seat for seat grabbers and bar spinners out there. Originally we thought we … Continue reading

Open publication – Free publishing – More bmx It took a little longer than we were hoping, but the seats are in and ready for you to order through your local bike shop and favorite mail order.

Sequoia bars are in and good for any dang thing you want to do. Seats, stems, and everything else has arrived as well. Head to your local shop to pick some up!

Open publication – Free publishing – More bmx

It seems to be a day for praise. Our friends over at Prolly is not Probably have shown some more Lite Sprocket love. This one is a rare copper plated beauty that we only made a few of, it’s been … Continue reading

The Spline drive Lite Sprocket has been out for about 6 years. With its strong, light, and progressive design it holds true to the legacy started with the Original sprocket 10 years ago. GetaBMX in the UK has a nice review … Continue reading

Next up for the bike checks is our accountant Kyle Askew. When he’s not crunching numbers at his desk, he is probably crunching numbers on this thing. Click the image above to see the full size image.

Justin Brayton is the one who makes sure your shops and distros are stocked with Tree goodness, and he will also help you out if you ever have something go wrong with one of our products. When he’s not behind … Continue reading