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Testing the Waters: Okan Forks with Removable Brake Mounts

We recently got a few sample pairs of our Okan Forks in that have Removable Front Brake Mounts. These were made for the rider who wanted to try out front brakes but didn't want to fully commit to owning a pair of forks with 990 mounts welded on. So with these we gave you the option of taking them off in case front brakes just aren't for you. These forks are the exact same as our 25mm offset Okan forks just with the added bonus of removable brake mounts. We have a very limited supply of these available to see whether or not they will go into production. Available in Black or Woodgrain! So get them while they last as they are only available thru our webstore which you can check out right HERE!

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Height: 315mm
Steerer Tube Length: 165mm
Bearing Race: Integrated
Offset: 25mm or 32mm options
Compression Bolt: 24x1.5mm
Comes with Tree Headset cap: 6mm or ¼” Allen Key designed for front brake use.
Removable brake mounts


25mm Offset with removable brake mounts




898g/32oz 25mm Dropouts with removable brake mounts


I wanted to make an elegant looking fork with small diameter tubing that was strong.


The steerer tube uses an H24 (24mm) Tree Headset Cap. I have found that forks with a 25mm compression bolt have a higher risk of snapping off the headtube.

The steerer tube is machined with radiuses instead of angle cuts to prevent stress cracks in the material.

The legs are made of Triple butted 4130 Chromoly for the highest strength to weight ratio.

And the dropouts are large enough to accommodate for larger diameter plastic pegs.

The brake mounts are removable for those who want to run front brakes but dont want to commit to buying front brake specific forks so with this you kind of get the best of both worlds.

-Sam Schulte Designer/Owner

Tree Pivitol Seat Post Available Now!

Our brand new Pivitol Seat Post is available now! Designed with a 200mm length to give you a little more room than most brand's seat posts today to really let you dial in where your seat height that feels most comfortable. Our post is made from 6061 Aluminum thats been 3D forged to make it sturdy and reliable yet stay sleek and light with a weight of only 4.8oz/134g. Comes with a high polished finish for elegance compared to the rough sandblasted seat posts. You need one of these to hook your seat game up! Matched with our Ergo seat and you'll have the most dialed setup around! You can get one of these right now from your local shop, favorite mailorder, or you can order right HERE from our webstore!


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IMG_2357IMG_2362 IMG_2361

Our V2 Headset is Available Now!

Our brand new V2 Headset is officially available now! It has a smooth and compact design and a dust cap that has a 10mm stack height that's been CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. Complete with two high-end precision sealed integrated bearings to keep those bars spinning and frames whipping fast and smooth. It also comes with two color matched 5mm headset spacers to help you really dial in that stack height you so desire! Weighing in at only 2.7 oz and available in Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver or any limited color ways. You can pick one of these up at your favorite local shop, mailorder, or our webstore!


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Tree Plastic Pedals Available Now

You've seen our new aluminum pedals, now check out our all new Plastic Pedals! Our P/C Pedals feature a ultra thin profile design that feels comfortable on the bottoms of your feet and just looks awesome. They're made from a durable nylon/ fiberglass blend to keep them lasting as long as possible. Grip is not an issue either with 10 molded pins and a grippy micro-knurled and lightweight body, your feet should stay planted. They are available now so if you like plastic pedals then these are for you! You can snag a pair from your local shop, favorite mailorder, or our webstore.

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plastic pedals 3plastic pedal 1 Plastic pedal 2

The All New Tree Pump Now Available

All new for the the holidays is our very own Tree BMX Floor Pump. Our pump is simple, lightweight, and extremely sturdy. It can hold its own even compared to pumps at a much higher cost. For instance we gave our pump to the local skatepark to lend out to riders at the park. Over the course of time that the kids broke 5 floor pumps, which cost more than twice as much as our pump, our pump stayed intact.


-A reversible Schrader and Presta valve so no matter what type of tube you might have, airing it up will not be an issue.

-A pressure gauge dial so you can get that perfect amount of air that feels comfortable to you.

-A high strength high pressure hose that'll stay solid even after tons of usage.

-And has reinforced high strength polycarbonate construction throughout so our pump will remain intact through any situation its put in.

You don't want to be the rider out shredding, get a flat and have to walk all the way to the gas station just to fix what you could have already had done on the spot with the Tree Pump. Don't let the flats keep you down, get our Pump and stay riding anywhere at anytime! You can pick one up at your local shop, favorite mailorder, or our webstore!

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pump1 pump2 pump3