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Been looking for Simple Bike Co products but haven't been able to find them anywhere? Well now you can order them right from our very own WEBSTORE! We've got all kinds of cool stuff from them such as: stems, hubs, bars, linear cables, seats, and more! Be sure to check it out soon as availability is limited currently!! You'll definitively want some for your bike, super clean and designed really well, they'll look perfect on your ride!

Tune in with Tree Bicycle Co Owner/Designer Sam Schulte as he gives you some insight on why our Straight Pull Hubs are so badass! Sit back, relax, and learn something new!

Well the wait is finally over!!! We now have even more awesome parts available in our Woodgrain finish including, our highly anticipated Woodgrain Straight Pull hubs! They're the same ol' Straight Pull hubs you've come to know and love just all wrapped up in the sweet sweet woodgrain. We also have 15mm and 20mm Headset Dust Caps, Pivotal Seat Posts, the Timmy Theus Signature stems, and our universal bar ends all available in woodgrain colorway in stock. Add all that with our already available woodgrain parts and you'll have lots of options to set up your own woodgrain kit! You can check your local shop, favorite mailorder, or our webstore to get your kit started!

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