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Reason for Making It

How Nathan chose this design: As far as the experiences the initial one which led me to finding the Flower of Life was just something that happened when I was hanging out at home. Many times through my life I have found myself thinking about the fundamental geometric shapes that seem to form our entire existence. I didn't really know the background of the flower of life when I first came upon the symbol. One afternoon a few years ago, I was at home hanging around. As I milled about I entered what I call a waking meditation. I had a vision of a figure holding out to me what I could only describe as a 3 dimensional Star of David. This figure is also known as a star tetrahedron or in some traditions the Merkaba. It was through this experience that I was introduced to the Flower of Life.

These images are of the five platonic solids and the first is the metatrons cube. They all display a basic start to the Flower of Life pattern in the background. Revered for its harmony, its perfect form and proportion, the Flower of Life has been the subject of contemplation following back to ancient times.

One of the first things I became aware of when looking at the symbol, was that if I relaxed my eyes it looked as though it was transforming. As some of the lines brighten or dim, as my vision blurs or comes into or out of focus; I began seeing several other known geometric shapes.  As well as other symbols I recognized such as the Trinity symbol or Borromean Rings. The other Geometric shapes I was seeing are known as the Five Platonic solids. These five geometric shapes are noted for their perfect form as well, and thought to be building blocks on an elemental level.

For me the Tree of life represents both a perfect structure, and transformation. This balance to me appears to be a tool to aid in understanding fundamental truths. Personally I feel that it is also symbol representing the connection between all things.

I have learned that many many traditions both spiritual and non have shared these ideas and feelings towards the Flower of Life, as well as other geometric shapes and symbols. Such as fractals.  If nothing else this figure is a vehicle for contemplation if you care to do so. If not, well it looks cool.


  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL
  • Nathan Parker's Signature Shirt
  • Made and screen-printed in the USA
  • Printed on American Apparel t-shirts
  • 100% Fine Jersey cotton, combed for softness and comfort
  • Flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type
  • COLORS - Galactic Blue - (made of organic cotton)