Heat Treated Steel Sprocket Spline Drive | Tree Bicycle Co.


Reason for Making It

To be a low cost, but high-quality sprocket. It’s the first in a new line of high quality Tree products being produced at affordable prices to riders by designing parts in unique ways that will cost less to manufacture.

Why it was made this way

The spline drive version has built in splines, so there is no additional manufacturing costs for making the spline insert. We chose to use 4140 steel because it is a less expensive material when compared to 7075 aluminum. Plus it is made from thinner stock and takes less time to machine. The sprocket is thin metal that is the style of less bulky looking parts for BMX.


  • Made of Heatreated 4130 chromoly Steel       
    Sprocket is made in two versions:
    - 22mm center hole comes with a steel adapter for use on ¾”(19mm) spindles.
    - Uses a heat treated steel insert that is splined for 48 spline for ¾” spindle cranks No need for the sprocket spline!
    - 3/32” wide teeth

  • Sizes - spline & Spline drive 22t, 25t, 28t, 30t, 33t
  • Color - Black & Raw


  • Weight:
    25t spline drive - 2.5oz/70g  w/out spacer
    25t Spline drive - 2.6oz/72g