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What is Tree's warranty?

please click HERE for our warranty information.

How do I get sponsored by Tree?

BMX is filled with talent, and as much as we wish we could help everyone out with bike parts, we can't. The riders we sponsor are not only talented on their bikes, they are also people we have come to know as friends. The best advice for anyone looking for a sponsor is just to be yourself, ride as much as you can, be active in the BMX community, and let your personality come through. If you want to have us take a look at you, just send a link to your edit to we are always happy to see what you are out there doing!

Where are Tree parts made?

Some of our odd sized Lite sprockets are made in the USA. The rest of our items are made in Taiwan. We work with the highest quality and most timely manufacturers in Taiwan and the USA to produce the best products that we can.

Who design Tree parts?

All Tree products are designed by Sam Schulte, the owner of Tree Bicycle Company. How do I become a Tree dealer? If you would like to carry Tree products in your shop please contact Blackout distribution, or contact us directly at or call us at 314-352-1501.

Where can I get Tree parts?

Tree products can be purchased through your local bike shop. If your local shop does not currently carry Tree products have them call Blackout Distribution to become a dealer in the USA, or check our distributors page for distribution in your country. If a local shop is not an option Empire BMX, Dans Competition, and other fine mail orders carry Tree.

Can I get Custom Tree parts?

Tree can sometimes do custom parts. If you are looking for a custom part write to explaining what you are looking for or give us a call at 636-285-0956 and we will let you know if we can order you the custom product.

Please keep in mind that custom parts will have a higher costs than normal.

Will Tree sponsor my Jam?

Tree would love to sponsor your Jam. To have a Jam considered for sponsorship by Tree please send a request, with the details of the jam, along with an official Jam Flyer to It needs to be at least one month before the event and we need to have our logo put on the flyer ASAP and send back to us before we send the product. This allows time for you to properly promote the event with our logo on the flyer.

How can I get Free Stickers?

For free stickers send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:

Tree Stickers
Tree Bicycle Co.
PO Box 873
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Will Tree come to my town?

Tree might come to your town. If you would like Tree to come through your town just write to and share your idea. You never know, if it seems like something that will work out we might just pay you a visit.

Does Tree do Demo's?

Tree will do demos! If you are interested in having the Tree team do a demo for your event, shop, skatepark, etc. Please contact us at

Product Questions

I want a 22mm splined sprocket!

We decided to make just 19mm 48spline style sprockets because that size accounts for most of the cranks out there, and it would be hard to try to make one for each brand. The other problem is that other cranks out there didn't seem to have enough spline on the spindle for the sprocket to sit on; the splines don't extend far enough past the crank arm when installed.

Where do I buy the tap to thread my bars to work with Tree barends?

These items can be bought from MSC Supply.

Will Tree warranty my sprocket?

Our sprocket free replacement warranty covers:

  • Defects in workmanship and material.
  • Our bolt drive and spline drive sprockets are guaranteed not to break or wallow out under torque loads.

It does not cover tooth breakage for example because we cannot redesign the teeth to make them stronger due to the confines of the BMX chain. We do offer a replacement at cost for bending and rider use breakage. We offer a cost replacement on any of our sprockets plus $5 for shipping. If you think you have a problem please contact us at with a picture of your damage.

My tree font hub axle stripped out what do I do?

Sorry to hear about this. There is a manufacturing mistake that allowed this to happen. Please send your stripped center axle to us at:

Tree Bicycle Co.
ATTN warranty PO Box 873
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Send your shipping address and contact information in the package and we’ll send you a new one for free.

The axle has a pilot hole that straightens the bolt to prevent it from cross threading. On the axles with the problem, the pilot hole diameter was not big enough so it still had threads in it causing the bolt to cross thread. Not very many people have had this problem but a few have so we wanted to help those that have an issue.

To prevent this all you need to do it take your wheel out of the forks every time you take your pegs on or off, because most forks are a little bent from riding and the dropouts will not line up causing the axle to be at a slight angle.