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We made the Moto bars because we wanted an all around bar with the more classic styling of bigger boxed bars that could handle the abuse of street, the boost of the trails, and anything in between. We made these bars with the same sweep options as all of our previous handlebars, but with three different height and width options so you can find the ones that best fit your set up in today's world of growing bar sizes and refined set ups.

Whether you want to stack your bar height to the moon, or want to maintain your current height but loose the spacers for a cleaner looking set up we make three sizes of the Moto bars to fit your needs. The bars are also wider as they grow taller to meet the needs for wider bars which provide more stability and leverage. The bigger box shape like their name pays homage to the large box styles of BMX bars early on. While the box shape is larger and the height and width come in three sizes, we managed to maintain our signature large radius bends, which have been present since our first set of Hot Bars in 2005; these larger radius bends add to the over all strength of the bar.

-11 butted
-Made of fully post weld heat treated chromoly
-Threaded for use with Tree bar ends, but works with any bar end

- 8.5" tall x 28.5 wide

- 9" tall x 29.5" wide

- 9.5" tall x 30" wide

- 12 degree backsweep
- 1 or 4 degree upsweep

Black or Matte Clear

8.5" - 28.2oz
9" - 28.7oz
9.5" - 29.7oz

These bad boys are out now and should be in stock at all your favorite shops and mailorders.