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In the current light of BMX, grinds have become a major thing for most riders. Hell, we can't blame anyone, grinds are too fun! But with doing grinds always comes the consequences... Pegs not only become thinner and thinner, but most importantly hubs become thrashed to no end. But, that's where we step in. Enter the Modular Hub Guards to protect your hubs from anything you can grind!


-ย  Comes in 3 different flavors: Front Modular Guard, Rear Modular Guard, and Drive-Side Rear Modular Cog Guard

-ย  4140 Chromoly CNC machined and heat treated

-ย  Modular Design comes with a universal insert to fit all hubs.

-ย  Brand specific inserts sold separately replace your axle cone so that it does not spread your dropouts.

They fit any hub with the provided universal insert! However, if you want a more specific fit with no dropout spreading, check out our Modular Inserts!



-ย  Front and Rear Inserts are 7075 Aluminum CNC machined

-ย  Drive-Side Rear Inserts are 4140 Chromoly CNC machined and heat treated

-ย  Modular Design makes the guard work with most popular hubs by using a brand specific insert to prevent dropout spreading

Check out the pics below to see how the Modular Guards work with the Modular Inserts on our Straight Pulls Hubs!

You can pick up our Modular Guards for yourself right HERE! Want the Modular Inserts to? Click HERE!

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Our boy Timmy just got the hook up on his own signature Cult SOS frame colorway. Timmy was quick to get one built up and put it to the test in this new video from Cult, click below to peep this fire! Head over to Dan's Comp to snag one then pick up one of our Timmy Theus signature Timmy Stems from Here or Here!

Nina has been continuously doing awesome things. Her and her good friend Dani Lightingbolt both recently got casted as some extra's in the new XXX movie. Not to much information to share other than this rad pic of a stacked crew of badass athletes! Be on the lookout for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage that's said to be hitting theaters in 2017 and keep an eye ready for some Nina action on the big screen! Click below to view the pic!

Nina and Cast!
Photo by: @deejaycar