Tree News

Why is the Tree Tribe so excited?

Well because we finally have a new website, of course!!

It’s been a long time coming and who knows why it would have ever taken this long but we have been in the process of creating a new Tree website for almost 2 years!!

After a year and half of waiting for my ex girlfriends’ best friends’ cousin (Not Joking) to do the website for free, we decided to get whatever he created so far and pay someone to finish the rest of it!!

Moral of the story; you get what you pay for. Which transitions into why it makes sense to pay a little more for high quality Tree products.

Shameless plug? Probably. But sometimes in situations like this all you can do is just find the humor in it.

In order to get the new website up asap we opted to create a soft launch where we will start with the HOME INFO and SHOP pages. Then we will finish the PARTS, APPAREL, TRIBE(team), ETHOS, and MEDIA pages in the weeks to come. In the meantime our current product info and offerings can be found on the Tree Store by clicking SHOP.

Please stay tuned to our site to see what unfolds next as we have a lot of exciting new features that we can’t wait to show you.

- SAM SCHULTE (Owner and Product Designer)

Tree Plastic Pedals Available Now

You've seen our new aluminum pedals, now check out our all new Plastic Pedals! Our P/C Pedals feature a ultra thin profile design that feels comfortable on the bottoms of your feet and just looks awesome. They're made from a durable nylon/ fiberglass blend to keep them lasting as long as possible. Grip is not an issue either with 10 molded pins and a grippy micro-knurled and lightweight body, your feet should stay planted. They are available now so if you like plastic pedals then these are for you! You can snag a pair from your local shop, favorite mailorder, or our webstore.

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plastic pedals 3plastic pedal 1 Plastic pedal 2

Eastside Trails Sessions

Our good friends over at DigBMX recently uploaded this awesome video of our man Clint Reynolds and his crew of eastside trail shredders doing what they love, shredding trails! Sit back and relax and watch a minute and 48 seconds of pure awesomeness! EastSide aint Scared!


The All New Tree Pump Now Available

All new for the the holidays is our very own Tree BMX Floor Pump. Our pump is simple, lightweight, and extremely sturdy. It can hold its own even compared to pumps at a much higher cost. For instance we gave our pump to the local skatepark to lend out to riders at the park. Over the course of time that the kids broke 5 floor pumps, which cost more than twice as much as our pump, our pump stayed intact.


-A reversible Schrader and Presta valve so no matter what type of tube you might have, airing it up will not be an issue.

-A pressure gauge dial so you can get that perfect amount of air that feels comfortable to you.

-A high strength high pressure hose that'll stay solid even after tons of usage.

-And has reinforced high strength polycarbonate construction throughout so our pump will remain intact through any situation its put in.

You don't want to be the rider out shredding, get a flat and have to walk all the way to the gas station just to fix what you could have already had done on the spot with the Tree Pump. Don't let the flats keep you down, get our Pump and stay riding anywhere at anytime! You can pick one up at your local shop, favorite mailorder, or our webstore!

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pump1 pump2 pump3