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Head over to Ride Bmx now to check out Tribe member Timmy Theus’ latest bike check!


Check out our dude, Timmy Theus and the Cult crew killin’ it in the latest Cult X Vans Promo

VANS PROMO CULT from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Our good friend Patrick Kelly has been on his steed a lot this summer. Patrick gathered footy from a few of the trips he took and pieced together this sick little front brake mash up. Enjoy!

Patrick Kelly’s Summer Brakation from Patrick Kelly on Vimeo.

During our week at Woodward, Clint was approached about joining a team for this weeks annual Mongoose Jam. We’re stoked that he decided to join the fun. Reynold’s team consists of; Corey Martinez, Brian Kachinsky, Greg Illingworth, and Ronnie Napolitan. Look out for Dirt, Park, and street videos to drop withing the next few days.

Last week, the Tribe took it’s annual trip to Woodward PA, to spend some time with the kids at Camp Woodward. We had an incredible portion of the tribe on board including (left to right) Clint Reynolds, Habo Gutierrez, Scott Kenkel, Mitchell Proost, Nina Buitrago, Andrew Brady (filmer), Sam Schulte, Casey Otto, and Brian Yeagle.

Crew Woodward 2-2014

This years trip to Camp marked our first trip with Nina since putting her on the Flow Team back in September of 2013. Nina kicked ass the entire trip and exemplified to a T, what we’re all about at Tree. As stoked as we were to accept her into the tribe last year, we’re even more hyped on what the future holds for Ms. B and Tree Bicycle Co.Nina Woodward 4-2014

Having Clint back for this years trip to Woodward was an absolute privilege. Clint’s style and finesse on a bicycle is a beautiful thing to watch. Whether it be in the woods, or on a seven foot mini, Mr. Reynolds is definitely at one with his stead at all times. Clint Woodward 1

Mitchell Proost isn’t a dude to be slept on. We threw Mitch onto our hookup Program in mid 2013 and he’s been blossoming into one of the most well rounded riders to emerge from the Saint Louis scene in quite some time. Look for more out of Mitch in the upcoming year. I expect him to definitely be turning some heads. I know he did at Camp…. Mitch Woodward 1-2014

Nina B shreds…period. And She most definitely has respect from the rest of the Tribe.Nina and Crew Woodward-2014

Look for an edit highlighting our week at camp to drop with the next week or two. Andrew Brady spent many hours with the Tribe capturing as much as he possibly could, and for that we thank him dearly.

Tribe Woodward 2-2014


Photos By: Jeff Brockmeyer



While we were away at Camp, The Come Up dropped the Chicago Instagram Slam.

Tribe member Timmy Theus , along with Brian Kachinsky, Kevin Porter, Trent McDaniel and a few other Chicago locals spend a beautiful Chicago day at 31st and hammer out this killer slam.

Our Lil’Buddy, Timmy Ray put out this sweet little jam a couple weeks back and its tight! John Andrus is a wizard behind the lens. Pair Andrus’ talent with Timmy’s riding and shit pops off. Check it out!

Hey everybody! Unfortunately, due to recent floods in Iowa, the Davenport Skatepark is completely flooded.   Location for the Midwest BMX Fest has changed. Here is the NEW low down on the 2014 Midwest BMX fest….

10441319_336984739782240_764408115936321678_nDue to major flooding [in the Quad Cities], we are forced to move. We will now be at the QCA EXPO Center. We currently have 30,000sq feet for the show, ALL INDOORS!!! Tables are on hand for $5.00 each and chairs are $1.00 each. Food and concessions including beer all on hand provided by the expo center. They have hooked us up with a killer deal on this spot so we must support them buy using there tables, food, concessions and more. They are helping us out big time. We also have room and huge doors to pull your truck and trailer inside if you are a Vendor. Parking inside rules, otherwise other parking outside. WE CAN RIDE inside!!! The floor is mild for flatland, but it will work great.  This new change of location is only 5-10 min tops across the bridge from the skatepark and standard byke company, so very little travel!!!

Bobby has been busting his ass trying to still put on a BMX event inside the expo center, With help from a few friends it looks like we’re going to be able to obtain ramps, for optimum indoor ramping. Bring your helmets, leave your panties at home, and lets make this the best Shindig in the history of Shindiggery.

No matter what however….a Best Ttick shall be tricked. And the rider who tricks the best trick will be awarded this Trophy, to signify that the aformentioned Tricker is indeed the best tricker of tricks. image


The only thing we ask is you protect your pegs from there floor best you can, tape, plastic exc.. We need to clean up after ourselfs and before we leave. The welcomed us with open arms, lets make them proud. and remember to support the people who support you!!!!”