Tree News

Why is the Tree Tribe so excited?

Well because we finally have a new website, of course!!

It’s been a long time coming and who knows why it would have ever taken this long but we have been in the process of creating a new Tree website for almost 2 years!!

After a year and half of waiting for my ex girlfriends’ best friends’ cousin (Not Joking) to do the website for free, we decided to get whatever he created so far and pay someone to finish the rest of it!!

Moral of the story; you get what you pay for. Which transitions into why it makes sense to pay a little more for high quality Tree products.

Shameless plug? Probably. But sometimes in situations like this all you can do is just find the humor in it.

In order to get the new website up asap we opted to create a soft launch where we will start with the HOME INFO and SHOP pages. Then we will finish the PARTS, APPAREL, TRIBE(team), ETHOS, and MEDIA pages in the weeks to come. In the meantime our current product info and offerings can be found on the Tree Store by clicking SHOP.

Please stay tuned to our site to see what unfolds next as we have a lot of exciting new features that we can’t wait to show you.

- SAM SCHULTE (Owner and Product Designer)

Front Brake Fiesta Jam

Our good friend Patrick Kelly hit us up about this jam named the Front Brake Fiesta he was helping set up and we decided to hook em up with some stuff to give out! Tons of shreadage and good times went down at the Area 43 Ramp Compound and Paul Covey was there to catch it all go down on film. Check out the video here and hey while your at it check out our brand new and super limited Okan forks with removable brake mounts so you can try out some of those front brake maneuvers yourself!!!

Front Brake Fiesta - Area 43 - BMX Freestyle Jam from being 4130 on Vimeo.


Testing the Waters: Okan Forks with Removable Brake Mounts

We recently got a few sample pairs of our Okan Forks in that have Removable Front Brake Mounts. These were made for the rider who wanted to try out front brakes but didn't want to fully commit to owning a pair of forks with 990 mounts welded on. So with these we gave you the option of taking them off in case front brakes just aren't for you. These forks are the exact same as our 25mm offset Okan forks just with the added bonus of removable brake mounts. We have a very limited supply of these available to see whether or not they will go into production. Available in Black or Woodgrain! So get them while they last as they are only available thru our webstore which you can check out right HERE!

Continue reading for more images and specs!


Height: 315mm
Steerer Tube Length: 165mm
Bearing Race: Integrated
Offset: 25mm or 32mm options
Compression Bolt: 24x1.5mm
Comes with Tree Headset cap: 6mm or ¼” Allen Key designed for front brake use.
Removable brake mounts


25mm Offset with removable brake mounts




898g/32oz 25mm Dropouts with removable brake mounts


I wanted to make an elegant looking fork with small diameter tubing that was strong.


The steerer tube uses an H24 (24mm) Tree Headset Cap. I have found that forks with a 25mm compression bolt have a higher risk of snapping off the headtube.

The steerer tube is machined with radiuses instead of angle cuts to prevent stress cracks in the material.

The legs are made of Triple butted 4130 Chromoly for the highest strength to weight ratio.

And the dropouts are large enough to accommodate for larger diameter plastic pegs.

The brake mounts are removable for those who want to run front brakes but dont want to commit to buying front brake specific forks so with this you kind of get the best of both worlds.

-Sam Schulte Designer/Owner

Rays MTB: Rookie of the Year Contest

Rays MTB is holding there Rookie of the Year Contest the weekend of Sat. Jan 31st their Milwaukee, WI location! Think you got what it takes to be Pro of the Bowl?! They'll be hosting beginner, intermediate, and pro level classes for any rider to join in on the fun! Go check it out Saturday Jan. 31st!  Sure to be a good time!

Read more for more info and contest times!


Pro Level Jam, 6pm    

Where: Transferland @ CLE        Street Park Bowl @ MKE 

 Milwaukee will host their 1st Street Park Bowl Jam.

MTB & BMX'rs will battle inside the Street Park Bowl, with transfers into and out of Transferland encouraged.


Wildest Transfer, 7pm  
Where: Transferland & Street Park Bowl @ MKE
MTB & BMX'rs will battle for the wildest trick, transfer, or a combination of the two!
 Awards and Podium Pictures, 7:30
Get ready to see smiling faces, awards, high-fives, and podium pictures go from 7:30 until we're done!