Tree News

The Village Night Off

Our roots crew shredders Ben Winter and Jake Ryan recently got the hook up from The Village Skatepark down in Australia. In celebration of their brand new website they just launched, they got their whole crew together for two sessions after the doors were closed and put out this rad edit! Looked like tons of fun! Be sure to peep this one and catch Ben and Jake putting in work (these dudes have some serious front end balance to!!) and then jump over to the new Village site and give it a look!

Getting Lost in Cleveland

Tribe members Nina Buitrago, Habo Gutierrez, Jack O'Leary, Mason Burke, and Nathan Wallace all spent last weekend in Cleveland for the Ray's Women's Weekend at Rays MTB. Between tons of awesome girl shredders, hilarious moments, swagways (hoverboards), a night that none of us will forget for awhile, and one hell of a drive back home, made for an incredible weekend that needs to happen again soon! So today, we've got two iPhone edits for you to relive a bit of what went down!

This one comes courtesy of Nina, so rad to see this community of women shredders coming together and shredding hard. Just proves that BMX is for anyone and everyone, just pick up a bike a start pedaling!

This one comes from the crew and their time at Chenga World Skatepark, lots of smooth lines in this one!

Till the next time! Oh and we got swag tho

Chicken & Waffles

Let your eyes feast. Timmy Theus and the Chicago homies put in work for this one! Peep it and then give em a follow on instagram @ChickenandWafflesSquad