Tree News

Bobbie’s Moving On

Bobbie's been part of Tree for quite a while, and now he's moving on. We wish him the best with all he has in the works!

B. Colony!
Bobbie lays down a bunch of very hard moves in this Woodward West Shootout video with the rest of the Colony team. If you like what you see head over HERE to give these guys a vote and help them win the prize!

Bobbie and the 180 tooth

Check it out!

BMX Roadtrip Video

Back at the end of August we got a bunch of the guys together in St.Louis, and eventually made way for NY state. We rode bikes (sometimes in the rain), made friends, jumped off rocks and swam under waterfalls. It was a good time, and we'd like to thank everyone along the way who hung out, went riding with us, and invited us to their shops, parks, and backyards.

Colonizing the Earth

A few months ago Bobbie and the fine people from Colony shared some good times along the west coast. Have a look!