Tree News

Clint Reynolds at The Van Doren Invitational

Out dude Clint was invited out for the Van Doren Invitational/ Van's US Open that took place this past weekend! Not only did he go out and show everyone that signature Clint style, but he also made finals and placed 11th! Super stoked on how he rode!


Our friends over at RIDE BMX we're on hand getting all kinds of awesome coverage and they produced this rad video of the finals which you can watch below, and be sure to check out RIDE for even more of their coverage of the Van Doren Invitational!

Tribe Page Now Live!

Say what!?! Yep that's right! Our team page or as we like to call them our Tribe, is officially live and up for your viewing pleasures! Ever wondered who was on the team, now you can see who's on and even get to know each one of them a little more if you didn't! More info and data will be added over time periodically but for now this will do! Stay tuned for more site updates to! As we have many more on their way soon! Until then dive into our Tribe page and have a look around!

New England Roast DVD Now Online!!

That's right! We finally decided to upload the DvD online for the masses to enjoy, so please stop what your doing and spend some time enjoying the video below!

Join Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds, Timmy Theus, and Tree owner Sam Schulte as travel throughout the Northeast and ride everything from the world famous Catty Woods, to New England street, to shop stops and local parks. Then they visit Clint's parents home in New Hampshire and camp in the White mountains.

Live Free or Die

The Albion unfortunately has stopped printing but, they have decided to upload all of the issues online for everyone to continue to view. Our boy Clint Reynolds so happens to have a full 30 page interview in Issue 9 of The Albion and we decided it was time to post that up for everyone to check. It's an amazing read and you can view that below! Hit up pages 76-90 for Clint's interview!!! Its a must read!


You can CLICK HERE to fast forward to the Clint Interview!!!

Clint’s Trip To The Down Under

Tribesman Clint Reynolds recently took a trip down to the land down under known as Australia and met up with fellow shredder Tyson Jones-Peni. They both got a few sick pics to boot! Check them out!

Clint 360 in the trails (above)

Tyson Jones-Peni 360 Can Can (below)