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Clint Reynolds always kills it! Clint was crowned the Nora Cup Dirt Rider of the Year this year and check out this video of his peers on why they voted for him and mostly why he deserved the win! Plus catch some badass footage of Clint doing what he does best and soaring over some dirt!

Join us in our adventure to Camp Woodward East! It's always a blast out at camp so we had to get some footage and put it all together for this little edit! Check it out below!!

Clint Reynolds was nominated for Dirt Rider of the Year for RIDE BMX's NORA CUP.

All the action went down during this year's Intebike and Clint ended up winning!

It was very deserved and we couldn't be more stoked for Clint!

To honor him we're re-uping his Day in the Life/ Welcome to the Team edit filmed by Stew Johnson! Congratulations Clint!!!

you can view the video below