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Deah Clint!

Clint Reynolds always kills it! Clint was crowned the Nora Cup Dirt Rider of the Year this year and check out this video of his peers on why they voted for him and mostly why he deserved the win! Plus catch some badass footage of Clint doing what he does best and soaring over some dirt!

The Woodward Adventures

Join us in our adventure to Camp Woodward East! It's always a blast out at camp so we had to get some footage and put it all together for this little edit! Check it out below!!

Dirt Rider of the Year

Clint Reynolds was nominated for Dirt Rider of the Year for RIDE BMX's NORA CUP.

All the action went down during this year's Intebike and Clint ended up winning!

It was very deserved and we couldn't be more stoked for Clint!

To honor him we're re-uping his Day in the Life/ Welcome to the Team edit filmed by Stew Johnson! Congratulations Clint!!!

you can view the video below

Clint Reynolds at The Van Doren Invitational

Out dude Clint was invited out for the Van Doren Invitational/ Van's US Open that took place this past weekend! Not only did he go out and show everyone that signature Clint style, but he also made finals and placed 11th! Super stoked on how he rode!


Our friends over at RIDE BMX we're on hand getting all kinds of awesome coverage and they produced this rad video of the finals which you can watch below, and be sure to check out RIDE for even more of their coverage of the Van Doren Invitational!

Tribe Page Now Live!

Say what!?! Yep that's right! Our team page or as we like to call them our Tribe, is officially live and up for your viewing pleasures! Ever wondered who was on the team, now you can see who's on and even get to know each one of them a little more if you didn't! More info and data will be added over time periodically but for now this will do! Stay tuned for more site updates to! As we have many more on their way soon! Until then dive into our Tribe page and have a look around!