Tree News

Sam and the Straight Pull Hubs

Tune in with Tree Bicycle Co Owner/Designer Sam Schulte as he gives you some insight on why our Straight Pull Hubs are so badass! Sit back, relax, and learn something new!

Sams Moto Bars and Prototype Stem

Moto bars are coming soon, and shortly after we will have our new traditional 6 bolt style top load stem.
Sam has some samples of each on his bike as you can see above. Click on the image above to view the gallery!

Sam TCU Interview

Sam sat down with Adam22 on the last day of Interbike for an interview on The Come Up. Check it out!

BMX Roadtrip Video

Back at the end of August we got a bunch of the guys together in St.Louis, and eventually made way for NY state. We rode bikes (sometimes in the rain), made friends, jumped off rocks and swam under waterfalls. It was a good time, and we'd like to thank everyone along the way who hung out, went riding with us, and invited us to their shops, parks, and backyards.

Instant Gramification

A few weeks ago we brought a bunch of the guys in town for some shop visits around the St.Louis area. We hit up The Cyclery, Holdfast, Ramp Riders, and Plan Nine skatepark. We went swimming in local swimming holes and then drove to NY to meet up with friends at the Postapocolympics, hit some shops, trails, streets, parks, and swimming holes up. Everyone had their phones going, so check out the flipbook for a look at the trip as seen through Instagram.