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Chicken & Waffles

Let your eyes feast. Timmy Theus and the Chicago homies put in work for this one! Peep it and then give em a follow on instagram @ChickenandWafflesSquad

The Woodward Adventures

Join us in our adventure to Camp Woodward East! It's always a blast out at camp so we had to get some footage and put it all together for this little edit! Check it out below!!


When Tribe member Timmy Theus came to us wanting a Stem to his specifics, Sam started working hard designing up what Timmy desired!
After awhile we had what we like to call the Timmy Stem!

The stem was made from 6061 T6 CNC machined aluminum to make it durable and reliable but retaining a smooth and compact design with internal machining to help keep the weight down. So no need to worry about this stem snapping on you ever!


We kept the traditional solid clamp bolts that use a 6mm allen key to tighten, because we believe you should be able to take your ride apart at any given time with just one to two tools compared to many tools, plus by keeping the bolt solid it gives you stronger bolts that can with stand harder impacts where as hollow bolts can snap.



This stem is designed to be a wedge-cut topload stem, which essentially gives you the perfect inbetween of a top load stem and a front load stem.

With a length of 50mm, a rise of 23mm, and a stack height of just 31mm makes it comfortable to ride while also maintaining a balanced geometry.


With Timmy’s explicit direction on the geometry and look, I drew his signature stem.

This stem is an in-between stem that is made for riders who want to have the topload stem but don’t need it to be as high as the canopy stem.

I designed this stem on 3D software using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test the strength before it even goes to prototype.

Instead of machined externally, the stem is internally machined to remove all unnecessary material. This creates a stronger stem.

Material was left in the stem at the most important location for a topload stem. And that is between the handlebar clamp bolts. I’ve seen too many toploads stems break clean off because too much material was taken away from this area.

All six bolts are heatreated steel with ED black finish and are not hollow for strength.

The stem is smooth and radiused on all sides for a knee friendly and elegant look.

-Sam Schulte Designer/Owner


You can pick up a Timmy Stem anywhere TREE product is sold, whether that be your Local Shop, Favorite Mailorder, or even our Webstore!

It's the perfect stem for your ride, and hey it might even give you a bit of that Timmy Theus steeze!

If your local shop doesn't seem to carry the Timmy Stem or any Tree product for that matter, have them hit us ASAP and we'll get them the parts you so desire!

Also, peep the ad below and give it a click to check out the Timmy Stem Page!


Tribe Page Now Live!

Say what!?! Yep that's right! Our team page or as we like to call them our Tribe, is officially live and up for your viewing pleasures! Ever wondered who was on the team, now you can see who's on and even get to know each one of them a little more if you didn't! More info and data will be added over time periodically but for now this will do! Stay tuned for more site updates to! As we have many more on their way soon! Until then dive into our Tribe page and have a look around!

New England Roast DVD Now Online!!

That's right! We finally decided to upload the DvD online for the masses to enjoy, so please stop what your doing and spend some time enjoying the video below!

Join Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds, Timmy Theus, and Tree owner Sam Schulte as travel throughout the Northeast and ride everything from the world famous Catty Woods, to New England street, to shop stops and local parks. Then they visit Clint's parents home in New Hampshire and camp in the White mountains.