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Tribe Page Now Live!

Say what!?! Yep that's right! Our team page or as we like to call them our Tribe, is officially live and up for your viewing pleasures! Ever wondered who was on the team, now you can see who's on and even get to know each one of them a little more if you didn't! More info and data will be added over time periodically but for now this will do! Stay tuned for more site updates to! As we have many more on their way soon! Until then dive into our Tribe page and have a look around!

New England Roast DVD Now Online!!

That's right! We finally decided to upload the DvD online for the masses to enjoy, so please stop what your doing and spend some time enjoying the video below!

Join Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds, Timmy Theus, and Tree owner Sam Schulte as travel throughout the Northeast and ride everything from the world famous Catty Woods, to New England street, to shop stops and local parks. Then they visit Clint's parents home in New Hampshire and camp in the White mountains.

Timmy Theus Stem Available Now

The Tree Timmy Theus signature stem is available now! Tree Tribe member Timmy Theus came to us wanting a stem made according to his specifications. This bad boy is a wedge cut topload stem made from 6061 T6 CNC machined aluminum and has a smooth and compact design. Comes with a 50mm length and a 23mm rise and is available in Black or Silver and the limited edition Woodgrain. The stem is internally machined to keep its weight down to a solid 10.1oz but doesn't sacrifice any strength. This stem is just as dialed as Timmy's riding and looks amazing, it would be the perfect fit on your bike! You can pick one up at your local bike shop, favorite mailorder, or from our webstore!

Continue Reading for more images and specs!


  • Made of 6061 T6 CNC machined aluminum
  • Smooth and compact design
  • Internally machined
  • Solid clamp bolts that use a 6mm hex key


  • Length 50mm
  • Rise: 23mm
  • Stack height 31mm


  • Black or Silver


  • 10.1oz/283g


Tree Tribe member Timmy Theus wanted a wedge cut topload stem made according to his specifications.


With Timmy’s explicit direction on the geometry and look, I drew his signature stem.

This stem is an in-between stem that is made for riders who want to have the topload stem but don’t need it to be as high as the canopy stem.

I designed this stem on 3D software using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test the strength before it even goes to prototype.

Instead of machined externally, the stem is internally machined to remove all unnecessary material. This creates a stronger stem.

Material was left in the stem at the most important location for a topload stem. And that is between the handlebar clamp bolts. I’ve seen too many toploads stems break clean off because too much material was taken away from this area.

All six bolts are heatreated steel with ED black finish and are not hollow for strength.

The stem is smooth and radiused on all sides for a knee friendly and elegant look.

-Sam Schulte Designer/Owner

Welcome To The Team Timmy Theus

I don't know where to start with Timmy, he just get's it. He's up for about anything, he's smart, motivated, maintains a positive outlook, and has a level head on his shoulders. That makes him good company. He's also really good on his bike and has a casual style with a lot of speed, pop, and skill. Good company makes bike riding better, and when you come a cross a guy like Timmy you want to get them involved with what you're doing. We're really happy to be making Timmy an official part of the tribe.

We'd also like to give thanks to Timothy Hyde, Dave Leep, and Tony Loconte for tossing some of their footage into the mix to get this edit wrapped up.

Curtis Mayfield
(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go

Chicagoland With Timmy

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As I write this I'm on a train bouncing my way north east to meet up with Timmy Theus for a proper welcome. I really enjoy traveling by train, I like the way you just arrive in a new city at the station right in the mix of everything, no baggage claim, no far from town passenger pit lanes of the airport, just a walk out the door into the city streets. Rolling in to Union Station in Chicago feels cool to me every time and is a great way to start a week of hanging out and filming Timmy. Check back over the next few days as the image above becomes a gallery of from the hip shots taken on my phone from the trip.