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Rays MTB recently held their Odd-Couple video contest and our boy Timmy Theus was chosen to represent us all the while being teamed up with MTB shredder Reece Wallace. By the looks of it, they had a lot of fun filming for this and both shut the park down with unique lines and style. They took home the 6th place spot and one badass video to remember. So run over to PinkBike and let your eyes enjoy this three minute plus video by George Sarkes!


Our all new Virtue hoodie is available now just in time for winter! Stay ahead of the cold and let it keep you warm and looking stylish just by wearing it! The logo represents 6 out of 8 virtues we run by;

-Make the highest quality product (by doing our best in designing & testing using free thought & purpose)
-Integrity (doing what is right)
-Honesty (by being real)
-Courage (to live the life of our dreams)
-Positivity (by showing an example of a positive lifestyle)
-Certainty (being confident in our own ways of doing things even if it goes against the norm)
-Be an example of how cool BMX and our lives can be. (by sponsoring riders who exemplify these ideas and expressing it in all the content created by Tree)
-Humility (in the midst of all these high values don’t take ourselves too seriously)

You can pick one up at your favorite shop, mailorder, or our very own web store.

Rays Mountain Bike Park is back at it again with there video contest “The Odd Couple” and its gonna be a wild one! Our boy Timmy Theus will be representing us this year and is teamed up along side mountain bike shredder Reece Wallace, all the while being filmed on a Sony FS700. So you definitely don’t want to miss this go down! Filming is taking place Nov 20-22 at the Cleveland, OH location and is set to premiere at 6pm on the 22nd where you’ll be able to vote for your favorite edit. If you can’t make it you’ll be able to catch the winning videos the following week on Pinkbike!



The annual FunFunFun Fest recently went down in Austin, TX and Woozy BMX was on hand to record all of the awesomeness that occurred. Tribe members Clint Reynolds and Nina Buitrago were among the shredders and caught a few awesome clips during the festival. Lots of music, riders, and a massive ramp all made for what looks like a good time! Here’s the video and enjoy!

Check out the latest episode in the new series Spots from Camp Woodward featuring our good friend Jay Dalton. Kid shreds and has style for miles, let your eyes enjoy!

Dig BMX just dropped a rad little edit of our tribe trails man Clint Reynolds with friend Matty Aquizap absolutely shutting down the section known as Speedball. It’s short and sweet and definitely worth the watch!

The Come Up recently held a Game of BIKE and our homie and front brake brethren Patrick was chosen to partake. Sit back, watch, and enjoy as him and shredder Adam Banton battle it out and see who wins.


STL MO PRO 2014 - Social (1)

Tree Bicycle Co proudly presents, The STL PRO!  This Saturday at Plan 9 Skatepark in St. Louis things will get out of control.  With Beginner, Expert and Pro classes it will be non stop BMX action.  We will be in attendance at the event with a huge inventory and great prices on all Tree merchandise.  Come swing by the tent for selfies and high fives all day.  For more info visit